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Safe Road Maps is a non-profit organization committed to enhancing road safety by offering timely updates and guidelines on rural and urban roads. We use GIS-based tools to integrate a range of data regarding road accidents, transportation regulations, driver behaviors and communicate this through our publicly accessible website. We anticipate that our timely and accurate information will help raise awareness and help many drivers avoid accidents.  

With our GIS-based technologies, you can expect accurate traffic insights and historical records that help you understand how to prevent similar occurrences in the future. We put information together from various sources to create a central data center. We then combine all information products in this data center, analyze it, and map it based on visualizations that help you understand areas of concern and countermeasures that enhance your safety on the roads. 

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Safe Road Maps

Many factors contribute to accidents and how severe they become. These factors can be categorized under systems of man, automobiles, and the environment. That is why we focus on managing road infrastructures to enhance safety using GIS tools. To ensure you understand and identify all road safety factors, our GIS-enabled tools are designed to gather road parameter data that can be relayed to you promptly. 

Accordingly, our role is to offer you a clear and compelling presentation of risk ranking. We are a partner focused on identifying high risk sections and supporting effective communication to ensure your safety on roads. This is an essential aspect of our mission to create the most effective safety management systems.

Managing modern highways can be a complex affair. We have broadened our systems to include computerized traffic analysis, incident and safety management, and effective planning, drawing from a wide array of technologies to ensure your safety whenever you go. GIS helps us integrate agency-wide data to gain better operational efficiencies and outcomes you can rely on. Using information from our technologies, you can also be sure that you have the most accurate data and tips to promote safe driving and traveling.